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What preparations are required before implant treatment?

In-office examinations and procedures before implant treatment

Different examinations must be performed before implant treatment.
Examination procedures vary from dentist to dentist. Careful examination must be performed to minimize risk during surgery for safer treatment. The following four examinations are commonly performed:

Thorough preoperative examinations

Blood test

Systemic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, may become risk factors in implant surgery. Therefore, if any of diseases that may interfere with implant treatment, such as infections, are found, their treatment is a priority.

Mouth examination

The condition of the gum ridge and biting are examined to determine the size and position of the implant to be placed.
It may be necessary to treat any problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and biting anomalies, before implant treatment.

X-ray examination

Sufficient bone height and thickness are required for implant placement. The bone volume and tooth shape are confirmed with x-ray examination.

CT examination

CT is an abbreviation for computed tomography, which allows cross-sectional images of the human body to be observed using x-ray and a computer.
Cross-sectional images allow verification of the form, size, and location of each organ.
CT data obtained can be used to simulate the 3D shapes of tissues on a computer.

Treatment planning is made based on the results of the examinations mentioned above.

Preparations before implant treatment

Gum disease and decayed teeth that cause gum disease must be treated before implant treatment.
The bacteria responsible for gum disease may break the bone supporting the tooth. If implant treatment is performed without treatment for gum disease, the bone around the implant placed in the jaw may become infected. Such infection leads a risk of the implant loss, similar to losing a natural tooth.
In addition, as bruxism or clenching of the teeth may cause problems with the implant, it is important to check and correct biting before implant treatment.

Preparative surgery before implant treatment

Sufficient bone height or thickness at the site where the implant is to be placed must be made up by bone augmentation or grafting before implant treatment.

Treatment planning is made based on the results of the examinations mentioned above.

Preparations on the patient's side before implant treatment

Lifestyle changes

Many people have difficulty stopping drinking and/or smoking.
However, there is a high possibility that drinking and/or smoking during implant treatment will exert a negative effect on bonding ability between the implant body and bone.

Although drinking and/or smoking does not necessarily prevent implant treatment, such behaviors increase the likelihood that treatment will be unsuccessful.
As some people cannot stop drinking and/or smoking immediately, one of the more effective ways is to gradually decrease the amount of drinking and/or smoking prior to commencing treatment.

In addition to the above, good physical condition must be maintained prior to surgery.
In case the high fever due to a bad cold, surgery will be prolonged. Even slightly ill health may adversely influence healing and prognosis after surgery, and therefore the patient’s physical condition must be controlled carefully.

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