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Safety of implant treatment

Fear of dental implant treatment

Dental implant treatment involves surgery, in which a hole is made in the jawbone to place a metal screw (fixture). Many persons have a fear of surgery and worry about its safety.

Is implant surgery safe and painless?

Implant surgery is commonly conducted under local anesthesia.
In some clinics, patients with an intense fear of surgery can undergo the procedure in a relaxed state in conjunction with intravenous sedation to make them sleepy.
In all cases, there is little or no pain during surgery.
Pain after surgery is also similar to that after extraction of tooth, although there are wide variations among individuals and treatments.
No hospitalization is necessary for surgery and normal life can be continued from the next day.

Are dental implants harmful?

Dental implants are made of the same material, titanium, as bolts and nuts used in orthopedic surgery to repair fractured bone.
Titanium is a material with excellent biocompatibility and little risk of metal allergy.
After implant treatment, suitable maintenance will allow the dental implant to function semi-permanently.
However, no surgery or treatment is completely without risk.
If implant placement surgery cannot be performed adequately due to insufficient examination before the outset of implant treatment or insufficient verification of the patient's systemic conditions, repeat surgery may be needed.

How does implant therapy lead to a success?

Important factors to prevent failure of treatment

It is important to choose an implant dentist who shows an understanding of your needs and desires.

What are the most important points to consider for finding an implant dentist?

  • Treatment planning in consideration of the conditions in each patient.
  • Giving adequate explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of implant treatment.
  • Inquiry and tests (radiography, computed tomography, and intraoral examination) carefully before implant treatment.
  • Careful maintenance after implant treatment.

In addition to the points mentioned above, compatibility with the dentist should be taken into consideration.
The best option is to visit various dental clinics until you find a suitable dentist. As there are also dental clinics where counseling is provided free of charge, there is no barrier to visiting a dental clinic for a consultation.

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