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Whtat are Dental Impalnts?

Dental Impalnts

And implants, artificial teeth to replace lost teeth, the second is permanent teeth. Embedded in the jaw bone of an artificial tooth root, put a little more teeth with artificial teeth look natural on it. Not only look better, you can chew with his teeth as well.
▼ structure of the implant Implant treatment is to cover a dental implant into the jaw bone, surgery is required. Artificial tooth is embedded in holes in the bones of the jaw bone when combined with it, overlayd artificial teeth on it. Implants, is composed of three parts, one.

■ dental implant (fixture)
■ Consolidated portion (abutment)
■ teeth (superstructure)

Features of the implant ▼
Implant treatment is not applied in a free clinic because the insurance cost will be around 30 million yen per bottle.
However, without the need to cut your teeth healthy as a bridge therapy can be treated with insurance adjustment, there is no backlash such as with dentures.Memasu like my teeth. And if you keep the proper care and regular maintenance, the effect of the treatment is sustained permanently.

* What is a surgical template?
The surgical template is an appliance the same shape as a boxing mouthpiece, which is used as a guide for accurate placement of an implant (or implants) .

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