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Implant therapy, treatment and surgery is done two times, one treatment may be performed once. If the surgery times two times two laws, one of the times when one method is called once.

Law and Law plays one of two different times?

Law ■ 2 times
Treatment is surgery performed two times. 1 In the second surgery, an incision in the gum, do the surgery to enter the body buried in the jaw bone to separate the implant from the bone of the mandibular gingiva. Then, screw the cover (lid to protect the head and body implants) and set the suture as the original gum to cover the implant body. And wait a period to rest and heal before the implant and bone bond. Healing time will vary depending on the state of the jaw bone is roughly as follows. Maxillary 4 months, 6 months (most recently about four months 1.5 months) Mandible 3 months, 4 months (most recently from 1 month 3 months) Also, if you were entering at the same time formed bone implant surgery because they lack the amount of bone, about six months as well and leave the healing period. After the healing period, do the second operation 2. 2 In the second operation is an incision in the gum, or round punch (punch a hole round), and head out of the implant body, and Remove the screw cover, for the healing abutment (abutment teeth and part artificial) to Replace. (You may attach a formal abutment at this time.) Gingival healing after picking the impression (take a type) and attach an abutment to implant an official body. And the abutment prosthesis (artificial teeth) will be installed. In this way two different times for surgery, two methods are called twice.

Law ■ 1 times
Once one law, one surgery was performed only once. One single surgery, the implant embedded in the body of the jaw bone is attached to the body how to get the implant for a temporary healing abutment or abutment simultaneously. In this case, the abutment to the state out of his gums, no surgery required an incision in the gum again. In other words, you can reduce the body burden to patients. However, to choose this treatment, it is important that you have both firmly embedded in the jaw bone to bone bony width of the implant. The bone graft is a surgical way of forming the GBR, such as bone, the Sinus-lift procedure is how to avoid the possibility of infection, surgery is two times method.

Once the two types of law

Act 1 times the load of more immediate impact and delay one of two ways.

■ 1 immediate load times law
Outright buried implant after the surgery (day surgery), and put a period without cure, temporary teeth or final prosthesis immediately (artificial teeth) is to wear. To be applied in this way is similar to the following conditions must be met. Be a good place to join the club bone mass and bone quality implant Can be obtained at high initial fixed implant input Is good hygiene in the mouth To be in good general health Not allowed to join the club can place lesion Implants Implant position to join the club, no gum disease and tooth and its surrounding and nearby That good and stable bite And grinding of teeth, and no Clench

Law ■ 1 lag load times
Outright implant during surgery, but not to the attachment of artificial teeth, make up for the temporary attachment of the abutment or healing abutment is a once common practice of law. (The abutment and the implant body and one type is "type one-piece" may also be used to implant.) Wait cure period while the gum out from the abutment, prosthesis (artificial teeth) to wear. Healing period can chew is not part of the implant placed.

Act 1 and Act 2 times once, would you like?

As an additional benefit of the law once, only once for one surgery, there are many times fewer scratches that a body of patients. Also, load times in the law immediately to get your teeth can put that on the day of surgery, "there is a period no trouble with teeth" is how those that are valid. However, once one method, the choice of treatment is not in all cases. Formed in the presence of bone or bone quality is not good, two are said to be better once the law. Act 2 times, but it would require surgery two times, will be applied in almost all cases. Embedded below the bone implant healing period to wait for the gum firmly closed, is a lower possibility of infection. In many cases, if the bone is formed in the diagnosis of two times the choice of law. In other words, not that good either treatment, or that either way is good, differed depending on the state of your mouth comes of patients.

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