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Image of the implant treatment (treatment Okeru many cases)

If this one lost a front tooth

Conventional treatment (bridge) is needed for healthy teeth on both sides to cut the deficit without cutting a tooth implant, if healthy, able to reproduce the natural teeth and teeth indistinguishable Masu.

▼ implant and bridge differences

Implant treatment compared with conventional methods (implants, bridges, dentures comparing treatments) Implant and bridge differences. Movie (Flash)] (the treatment of flow of the implants and bridges)

If you lose teeth

Conventional treatment (partial dentures) was also not a good look strange or due to using a metal stopper. If the implant, but no discomfort and it does not use the stopper. Rickety never so hard to eat something that is firmly than anything else.

Differences between implants and dentures ▼

Difference between conventional treatment and implant (this change to the implant) Difference between implants and dentures. Movie (Flash)] (flow of dentures and implant treatment.)

If you lose all your teeth

Conventional treatment (dentures), the pain might be contained inside the food gap or dentures or false teeth, as if out of the implant so that no gap or, your as a solid feeling while chewing on a tooth, you can enjoy a meal in peace.

▼ implant for treatment may stabilize the dentures.

In this case, even with my implant is removed and the denture. Bar-shaped device connected to each other implant maintained by removable denture to wear on it, then firmly fixed dentures. Embedding itself directly to the implant to the bone, things do not work. "Less easy to chew without discomfort off" feature that is. The dentures will be no problem if you have a weak bite, if they are floating in the immediate dentures, and is an effective way to reduce the number of implant cases. There is also a way to use magnets to secure the dentures and implants.

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