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Remain indifferent to the loss of teeth?

And still keep losing teeth

And leave it as it is to lose your teeth, bite or a reduced ability to spread the teeth, mouth environment is prone to tooth decay and dental plaque accumulated. Not only that, like the following to keep and leave other people lost their teeth to evil happens.

STEP1 come grow teeth pairing

TSTEP1 come grow teeth pairing Teeth on the other side was blamed for losing teeth, no teeth to bite each other, will come gradually growing.

STEP2 get both adjacent sides inclined to move the teeth

Both adjacent sides of a tooth is lost teeth, no teeth gradually in the direction you lean to the people. That long-term neglect, you will cause the whole tooth out of order.

STEP3 coming off one bite

By moving the teeth around the lost tooth, you will miss the bite. Quantity is often lost when, just bite the other teeth can not chew it well, broken the balance of the bite. Deviation of the bite, temporomandibular disorder, headache and stiff neck, and will also cause distortion of the body.

STEP4 coming down the position of the alveolar

If you lose your teeth, because that reduces the amount of bone in the gums, the gums appear to be outgrown. Bone supporting the teeth were, I would say it does not take the pressure and skinny when chewing. This phenomenon occurs in the use of dentures and do not fit the long-term progression of periodontal disease.

STEP5 come in aesthetic problems

Loss of teeth, the pro-line and jaw line on the inside of the cheeks, gums and lose weight over time it will look flabby chin and sunken cheeks or to look further. The front teeth when the mouth is more likely pro wrinkles.

Treatment and if you lose your teeth?

When you lose a tooth as a treatment for the following three include the moment. * Bridge (can be treated by insurance) * Dentures (can be treated by insurance) * Implant (treatment covered by health insurance) Instead of just selecting a treatment cost of treatment, "the state of your mouth for treatment of patients", "treatment for the future" to select a long-term health of the entire mouth. lead to.

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