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For those who lost a tooth and leave

Leave and have lost a tooth

Human teeth, together with those above and below the normal 28 books, and this may include a 32 wisdom teeth. Before starting from anterior, premolar, and molar are called, each has their role. And widen the scope further, tongue, jaw joints, muscles for biting, teeth and all that make sense, that is the balance of the body.

Balance the loss of tooth decay

Collapse of this balance, only one of the book begins to lose a tooth. Little better, I will lose from the teeth, called molars, and it has been abandoned, or tilted teeth come next, as if that bridge the gap (slope of the adjacent tooth), bite suits had come to grow teeth (rolled out of the opposing teeth).

Continue to neglect

Around the affected teeth bite together and had the burden, and will eventually burden the front teeth. Iki each year lose their teeth, and biting ability gone, also affect the body. Burden on the stomach and can not chew through, and is an example of poor thinking ability due to lack of blood flow to the brain and is said to be one of the causes of Alzheimer's.

◆ impact of various body

* The teeth that bite is worse, affect the teeth
* Not take the pressure to lose weight bone bone supporting the teeth were
* Difficult to pronunciation
* Changes in the contour of the face, wrinkles, sagging more
* Because you can not chew solid, and strain the digestive system

"This one tooth loss will eventually affect the health of the body" is a reality. Teeth and only one thinking this lightly, it is important to receive medical treatment in dental clinic as soon as possible.

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