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Why do I have implants?

New treatments: implants

By using a metal titanium dental implant with high affinity for bone, or feeling like eating in my teeth, and new dental technology or can talk.

Implant characteristics

* Comfort of your own teeth and hair are almost the same.
* Hurt your teeth around.
* Clean appearance.
* There is no discomfort unfamiliar artificial bones and teeth.
* To protect your teeth.

Conventional treatment

Dentures dentures

Various denture teeth out of no = way to secure the dentures.
* Adjacent teeth prone to cavities.
* Jaw bones get thinner
. * To sacrifice their teeth.
* Looks (sensuousness) bad, comfortable bite (bite) is sometimes poor.


To fix the bridge on both sides of the tooth shaving.
* May have to sacrifice healthy teeth on both sides.
* May be missing a tooth where bones become thin.
* Sometimes bad teeth and jaw bones lose weight.

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