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Information of implant treatment

Flow of implant treatment

The implant is one method, such as law-like two times since there are many ways to introduce the basic flow.

Bones of the jaw, "the root of a tooth," parts of which, or "implant" and make a Treatment time is 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

Firmly fixed to the jaw bone to the implant, wait 2 months to 6 months.

Once anchored in the jaw bone implant, attach the cover material and consolidated parts.

And cover the white teeth, and Completion.

Treatment period

Treatment period is generally a total of 3 months to 10 months. ※ period of treatment is a good rule of thumb. Depending on the case so you are advised to consult your dentist. ※ times vary depending on the patient visit. ※ When the implant surgery, should be admitted unless you are not special.

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