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Symptoms for implant

Implant treatment is a method of treatment does not affect the surrounding teeth as bridges or dentures. State of the jaw bone, even if trade restrictions are not the Quantity and position of the teeth.

For the treated area

Implant is treatable even in the anterior teeth. Fixture will be part of the artificial tooth has been prepared according to several of the jaw bone width and depth. Also, the loss from gum and teeth over time (jaw bone) away and skinny, and there is no space to put the implant, bone regeneration treatment at 行E, you can put the implant.

Quantity For treatment

The conventional method of treatment, if you lost this one bridge or partial dentures, dentures and more than three if you lose, the choice of treatment varied depending on the number of lost teeth, implants, teeth all from this one until the deficiency is treatable. Also, and even missing teeth surrounding the future of the dental implants were already part of the implant does not affect previously. If you want implants had missing teeth and then if you are, just make that part of implant treatment, and reworking of previous implant is required.

For ages

● Max

There is no age limit for dental implants in particular. Be taken into surgery with a simple physical fitness, if there is space to enter the bone implants 80 can be embedded in treating teens. If the thin bone in the implant treatment can be done to raise the bone.

● Lower

Treatment of minors who can not implant. When teens are thriving because of the bone growth starts from the implant treatment of the jaw bone stops growing. Bone growth will vary from person to person, generally male 22-year-old girls stop growing at age 20. There are no specific age limit. Tooth loss in minor cases and plan the implant treatment after watching the growth of bones and dentures used for a while. There is a bridge to compensate for the deficiency, if you are considering implants after adults, some cases of false teeth is better than cutting the teeth next to the bridge.

systemic diseases

Basically, it is possible to implant treatment if you can use anyone who will receive anesthesia and surgical treatment simple. If you have a chronic illness such as heart disease and immune disorders, it may have been limited to surgical and anesthesia, please consult the basket will receive a teacher care doctor implants. The treatment is surgical, although it also diabetics, who have maintained a stable blood sugar can be treated. The X-ray or CT who are pregnant can not take it, then start treatment after a newborn baby.

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