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What is the implant and bone to join it?

Structure of the implant

Implants, the foundation, abutment, the material has three-part flap. There are also manufacturers of each component, it is important to choose materials that fit the implant patients and not have to be a major measure in the industry.

Implant material, titanium metal with high affinity ecology in general, each system is treated with a surface structure and surface characteristics to make it easy to join and strengthen the bone by the manufacturer.

Form of implants, the following may be broadly divided into three types.

with screw-type dental

Is chosen to be the most suitable size and form of defect sites from these patients.
The implant surgery is one of law and law in two times times vary depending on the type of implant to use it.

Law and two times?

Act 2 times before surgery to attach a second layer over how to do things once, GBR bone graft surgery who are constructed as bone, you will be treated in the Sinus-lift procedure is performed two times method. Two times this law is another body of the implant abutment and foundation that we use is Tsupisuinpuranto. ※ 1 may be used in the law once. In that case, the exposed part of the body above the gum of the implant, the temporary cap.

Law and one times?

Once one law, one single surgery, the implant embedded in the body of the jaw bone is attached to the body how to get the implant abutment for a temporary healing abutment or gum at the same time. This incision in the gum, so you only need once, it is possible that the Ku burden to patients.

This is one method used in the implant once the implant is integrated one-piece type of implant body and abutment connection with a portion of flap material.

But since one method is to embed the jaw bone implant, bone quality with bone width is possible if the treatment enough. So rather than design of the implant is superior to either treatment or, Masu Haki that is good or differed by one oral condition of patients.

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