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The dental implant treatment can quickly chew from dentures do not fit!

NobelGuide using the All-on-4 patients treated with

CASE:lost four teeth treated with this implant

Many lost their teeth, dentures 20 years we have used 50-something women. Dentures are not matching, when the state could remove food. In order to restore the natural appearance and chewing function, implant treatment was selected.

STEP1 diagnosis

Remaining mandibular teeth for a tooth is not working, well-balanced four implants embedded in this layer over the bound material (bridge) treatment layer a "All-on-4" It has set a treatment plan.

STEP2 simulation tests

CT based on data taken with Konpyutashumireshonsofuto "Nobel Guide" Racing to fill the implant put in the position. Additionally, customized surgical template.

STEP3 input Implants

Position using a surgical template of Racing, the exact location of this implant fill four places.

STEP4 set of objects flashed

Flap that is bound to set the implant materials. In this case, we Puroserainpurantoburijji wear.
※ Puroserainpurantoburijji
Puroserainpurantoburijji and is supplied Noberubaioke titanium dental equipment manufacturer, or from the mass of Jirukoniaseramikku, CAD / CAM technical material that was created by shaving system to computer-based design and production, called is.

Before & After

Osamu Medical ago

Could not have no teeth to chew most firmly.

After Medical Osamu

Ue was beautiful to the eye, and now you can chew well. It is also now well and pronunciation.

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