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Difference between conventional treatment and implant

The drift ... not dentures to chew food well. Not good at speaking and pronunciation.
Feel pain and foreign body using the dentures.
To cut your teeth healthy without treatment.
These [teeth] or [dentures] with the people who suffer [implant treatment] is recommended.

What is the implant treatment?

And the titanium implant has been used extensively in the field of plastic surgery and transplants well familiar with the living "dental implant" refers to the. A dental implant embedded in the jaw bone, is how to treat the fabrication of artificial teeth on it.

[Conventional method]

The fixed bridge and a healthy scratch for both adjacent sides lost a tooth.


Only to fill the implant site, so lost, do not you cut your teeth healthy.

[Conventional method]

Secure the spring over a metal denture tooth. There are strange, it takes the burden to put a spring tooth.


Floors without the discomfort of the fitting dentures, there is no burden to put a spring tooth.

[Conventional method]

Dentures and is supported by adsorption of gum. With easy to cause a backlash, the taste is impaired.

Require daily care for dentures.


The backlash will be stable with no fixed firmly in the jaw bone implants.

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