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Types of Implant(The plate form implant)

The plate form implant

Plate form implant is not common as root implant, and is usually used when the bone is too narrow, so it may not be suitable for the root form implant and the area is not suitable for bone grafting. Therefore, for those whose jawbone is not wide enough to properly support a root implant, the plate form implant is ideal.

The plate form implant is long, flat and thin, unlike the root implant, so it can fit into the narrow jawbone. After application of anesthetic, your dentist will expose the area of the jawbone to be implanted and prepare the bone to accept the shape of the implant, which is almost same way as the root implant. The number of incisions also depends upon the number of implants being placed.

Like root form implants, there is usually a healing period for osseointegration. However, in certain cases, the plate form implant is immediately fitted with the restoration without waiting for the healing process to run its course.

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