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Who Is Candidate for One Hour Implant

Dental health, number of teeth involved and type of teeth to be replaced will determine whether the patient is a candidate for the one-hour implant system.

One hour implant most dramatically benefits patients whose teeth are loose and unsightly, but have neglected dental treatment. These patients enjoy the removal of decay and bacteria from their mouths as well as the joy of new self-esteem.

Other candidates include patients who have struggled with wearing dentures, patient who have suffered bone loss through periodontal disease, those with congenitally missing teeth, or those who lost teeth in a traumatic accident.

This technique can be used under the following conditions:

1. single tooth replacement
2. multiple tooth replacement
3. on the same day as extraction(s)
4. secure your existing dentures


Under a light pain medication such as Ibuprofen and local anesthesia, the doctor will drill a 2.25 mm hole through the gum and jaw bone and insert a 4mm titanium post that is very similar to a screw. Once the post has been inserted she will place a temporary tooth on the post. Usually the process takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The inserted titanium post is very secure from the beginning but for the first month it is important to take care of the temporary tooth by not eating foods such as raw carrot, apples etc to allow the bone to fully attach to the post.

In 30 days you can have your permanent crown in place.

With tramonte implants if there is insufficient bone directly above the missing tooth. The implant can be set at an angle and relieve the need for bone grafting.

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