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Get treatment as soon as possible if a tooth comes out

Is it all right with a tooth left missing?
Aren’t you leaving a tooth missing without treatment?
You might say: "I have no time to go to a dentist."
"Just one missing tooth does not cause any problems in daily life."
But is it really all right?

If a tooth is left missing
- Teeth will lean towards the space of the missing tooth, as shown in Figure 1.
- Teeth will grow towards the space of the missing tooth, as shown in Figure 2.
- Tooth occlusion will become unbalanced, causing difficulties in biting food.
In addition to the problems above, various other problems will occur. Teeth tend to move more than you think.

A missing tooth affects you functionally and visibly.

The teeth next to the missing tooth are leaning, and the tooth on the upper side of the missing tooth is growing downwards. If you have tooth occlusion unbalanced, you will use only teeth on one side when biting food. This will cause changes in the burden on facial muscles and result in face shape changes and jaw joint problems. This also puts an excessive burden on front teeth and results in protruding teeth.
The missing of only one tooth will affect the condition of other teeth and might change face shape.
In addition to the problems above,
- You will tend to swallow food without biting sufficiently. This might cause gastrointestinal disorders associated with indigestion.
- Tooth alignment will become bad. This might cause unexpected problems including difficulties in speaking.

If these problems occur, treatment will be a big job.

The missing of only one tooth is not a small thing. If a tooth comes out, you had better visit a dentist as soon as possible without leaving it missing.

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