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What is the implant and bone to join it?

Beginning of the implant

The Swedish scholar, Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark was often found to bind pure titanium and bone tissue. Buronemaruku professor who invented the implant, the clinical application was started in 1965, after more than 40 years now (2009 census) and then it works fine.

For Osseointegration

Bone and titanium coupling

Professor Buronemaruku is, "Osseo" + "integration" means together, "Osseointegration" and named it.

But why exactly is foreign to the human body, the body becomes able to accept the implant will be able to use their teeth as the sensation? It is the implant, rather than simply be buried in the bone, through the membrane covering the oxygen molecule of titanium, the strong binding of the jaw bone, the bone is taken as almost a living, and so would a stable state.

- Osseointegration -
Direct close contact with the light microscope level and the implant body and live as a bone, showing a combined state of sustained, the state forces are transmitted directly to the bone implant joined the body.

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